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INSIDE CHANGE begins by laying out the challenge of organizational change and the three key obstacles that derail 60-80% of change efforts. Then, it offers a solution backed by leading-edge neuroscience. In Part Two, the authors walk through the process, adding depth an clarity to the solution while offering an extensive 'recipe book' of action steps to facilitate each milestone of effective change. Finally, in part three, readers revisit the essential concepts and gain another set of tools to become more effective with the people-side of performance.

There are hundreds of books on change - what does INSIDE CHANGE add? It blends the rational and emotional domains, offering a way of planning and leading change that will compliment any methodology. It integrates 'change' and 'transition' into one cohesive model for the strategic and human dimensions to work together. And, finally, it provides practical, robust business thinking (including real-world examples) with the latest neuroscience. Taken together, INSIDE CHANGE is a unique view of this critical subject.

Inside Change: Transforming Your Organization with Emotional Intelligence, by Joshua Freedman & Massimiliano Ghini, MBA. Foreword by Chip Conley, Founder and CEO, Joie de Vivre Hospitality. Six Seconds: San Francisco, May 7, 2010.

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